Praise GOD for the Things you do Have

What do you do when the promises of God in your life seem at best only halfway fulfilled? What do you do when you put your faith in God for so long and now it seems as though the promise is dead in your arms?


I’ve been there, we’ve all been there. The place where you just can’t understand why things are not turning out the way you have hoped and prayed for. You have been a Christian for years, but God is seemingly doing nothing to help ease the pain of your back or open up a door for your career so you don’t have to keep working for the same dead beat employer. Why is God not intervening of my behalf? I mean if He loves me as much as He says and as the Pastor preaches then why in the world is he seemingly not listening to my cries?

I believe our brother Job has some excellent advice on this. The bible says that Job had served God his entire life. He had perfect church attendance, never missed a service, never missed a prayer meeting, home group, outreach, never missed a tithe, and yet in one day he lost all his money, the house he built by hand was foreclosed on, he was diagnosed with an incurable disease, and all ten of his kids were burned in a fire. WOW!

The bible says in Job 1:20-22 “Then Job arose, tore his robe, and shaved his head; and he fell to the ground and worshiped.”  And he said: 

      “ Naked I came from my mother’s womb, 
      And naked shall I return there. 
      The LORD gave, and the LORD has taken away; 
      Blessed be the name of the LORD.” 

See, Job had this revelation. A revelation that can’t be done with human strength. He incredibly said, “Hey, you can take my money, you can take my health, you can take my house, but nevertheless I’m going to still praise God and rejoice for the one thing I still have ‘Blessed be the name of the Lord!’  WHAT A WORD!

We spend so much time consumed with the things we don’t have, without ever thinking of the things we do have. Why would God ever want to heal your leg if you’re not thankful for the fact you have arms, a heart, lungs, and eyes that see this beautiful world! Why would God give you that promotion or your dream job if all you do is whine and complain about the job God has already given you. I pray we never become a bunch of ungrateful, spoiled Christians:

“Well Isaac you just don’t know the pinto I’m driving…… Well it’s better than a bike.”
“You just don’t know what it’s like living in this two bedroom shack with my family…. Well it’s better than a tent.”
“You just don’t understand Isaac the pain that I am in every time I wake up… Well, Jack you can see, you can talk,  you’re not in the ICU, and you’re not eating through a tube.” 

You need to learn to Praise God for the things you do have!

God say’s, “You Praise and then I’ll perform and not the other way around.” God says, “I want a church who knows how to shout for what they have, before I give them what they don’t. God wants us to learn to praise Him over the little things He is doing and not be held hostage by the things we are not seeing.
The Bible says that all the Angels rejoice when one person comes to the Lord. They’re not waiting for the great commission to be fulfilled. They aren’t waiting for the ultimate victory when every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess. No, they Praise everyday over the partial victory and we should too. AMEN!

Be Blessed this week. As your Pastor, I implore you that no matter what the enemy sticks in your face this week, just rejoice and let the Joy of the Lord overflow in the midst of every trial.


About shorechristiancenter

Along with his wife Ronda, Pastor Friedel founded Shore Christian Center Church, which has a substantial presence in the Shore area. While leading the Church in growth his God given vision is unfolding rapidly.
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