Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I pray you are having a blessed week and I am looking forward to seeing you all at our Thanksgiving Service, 7:30pm this Wednesday night at the Mount Pisgah Church (1301 Springwood Ave. Asbury Park). Pastor Dewey will be ministering.

Philippians 4:4 “Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!”

Paul says, “Rejoice Always,” not just on your good days when everything is clicking. Not only when the benjamin’s  (Or Moneies)  are just flying in, when the church is growing, when the business is flowing, when the marriage is popping, but you praise Me in every season says the Lord. To all you ‘fair weather’ Christians I’m sorry but life is a mixture of happy times and sad times. If you can only rejoice in happy times than you are in for one sorry, schizophrenic life. Oh man, I really pity those people who are limited to only rejoicing and praising the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords when things are good.

“Once upon a time there was a Chinese father, he was held in high esteem because he had a strong son and a powerful horse. One day his horse ran away. The neighbors all said “Oh Bad luck.” A few days later, the horse came back with ten other horses and the neighbors all looked and said, “Umm good luck.” Then one other day, his son was training one of the new horses and he fell and broke his hip. The neighbors all gathered and said, “Oh bad luck.” Then suddenly a war broke out in the land and the King said, “Every able bodied man must fight.” The king took all the men of the village except for the son who had broken his hip and everyone of the men died in battle. Then all the townspeople gathered and said, “Ah you have very good luck.” Then the Father stood up and said, “No I am a Christian and luck has nothing to do with it. All things work together for good to them who love God.”

Paul says, “You who have been redeemed, who were once dead in your own sins and trespasses Rejoice! Rejoice!” Yeah your hip may be broken, your horse may be lost, you may be going through a trial but it will soon turn around if you can learn to rejoice and give thanks even on your bad days! Don’t tie your joy and your praise to your circumstances! Tie them to Jesus Christ, because no matter what’s going on He is still on his throne, He is still in control of your life, and He still loves you with an everlasting love.

Psalms 34 “I will bless the LORD at all times; and His praise shall continually be in my mouth.”

You know what we do? We all make such a big deal out of our bad days, but we don’t make nearly as big a deal about our good days. Let me give you an example. If you wake up and oh boy, your head is killing you or maybe you have horrible pain in your back. You’d better believe by lunch time you’ve already told about fifty people. Then on the days you wake up and you don’t have a headache and you’re not coughing, and your alarm clock does go off; you don’t even tell a soul. All we do is blow up our bad days and forget to rejoice on our good days.

This Thanksgiving everyone of you has something to be thankful for. We have something for which we ought to throw our hands up in the air and say, “Praise God!” I would like to challenge you and say to you, “Not just on Thanksgiving but every day you have something to praise God for because He will work it out!” If I’m having a good day I can rejoice, or if  I’m having a bad day I can still rejoice, because I know my day is coming.

I want you to know that God will do for you what you haven’t been able to do for yourself, if you can begin to rejoice in Him no matter what. Life is a mixture of good days and bad days but Jesus is saying to you today, “Fear not. Do not be discouraged.” Your life may seem like it has been up hill, but face it head on, face it rejoicing, face it with thanksgiving and most of all face it with faith knowing that your day is coming.

I love you all and pray God makes this Thanksgiving a very special one for your whole family.

Pastor Isaac, Diamond, and Judah


About shorechristiancenter

Along with his wife Ronda, Pastor Friedel founded Shore Christian Center Church, which has a substantial presence in the Shore area. While leading the Church in growth his God given vision is unfolding rapidly.
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