Ungaurded Moments

A few weeks ago I was just having “one of those days”. I’m sure you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. I was completely overwhelmed with things on this particular afternoon. I had so much on my mind. Like Pastor Dewey said last Sunday, it just felt like I was lugging around all these heavy bags. Then on top of that, when I got home from the office I saw my wife in tears. Immediately, I frantically asked what had happened. Diamond explained to me that she had been on the phone with the insurance company and that they are trying to contest paying a claim for Diamonds pregnancy. They were trying to say that Diamond got pregnant before our policy was issued, but they were gravely mistaken. We had gotten our policy over four and a half months ago. Diamond was in a panic. So I said, like any good husband, “Give me that number!”


I got on that phone, and don’t judge me, but I was not a good Christian guy. I was fired up! To make matters worse, the person from the insurance company was making no sense. I just knew what they were doing. They were trying whatever they could to get out of paying our claim and the dude on the phone was complete dancing around the issue. He just wouldn’t give me a straight answer. Words can’t describe how frustrated I was, (If you ever call up an insurance company you probably understand). I complete lost it! If I could have reached through that phone, I would have.


Have you ever been their? Have you ever been to that point where you just loss all control? If so, you’ve had what I like to call an unguarded moment.


David, in the Bible, was anointed King when He was only 16 years old, but was not appointed to that position until he was 30. David’s life is a perfect example of experiencing the exact opposite of what God promised before you begin to walk in that dream. So, David during 1 Samuel 25 is leading a group of about 600 loyal men who were in debt, under distress, under pressure, and completely discontent with whether their lives were. Sounds like a great group, huh?


Now one day, these men following David, who were in a place of transition, found this vineyard owned by a super rich salesman named Nabal. (1 Samual 25:2-42)

David’s men completely go out of their way to protect this man’s vineyard from attackers. Literally, if it wasn’t for David this man would have been looted for all he had. Then sweet compassionate David, instead of demanding money for his efforts which could have cost him his life simply asked for food to replenish him and his men’s strength. Nabal without thinking twice refused. Not only that but Nabal to add insult to injury, accusing David of being a loser, a dead beat nobody, a doormat. Nabal claimed that David had no right ask him for anything.


At that moment David straight up lost it. Not just because of what Nabal says, but because of everything else David had been through. Understand, in this moment David represents men and women who are live their life in a state of transition, those people who are chasing thier dreams and yet their fulfillment seems so far away. They’re living an unrealized promise!


This was David’s breaking point and at this touchy point in David’s life, along comes Nabal. In the midst of David’s spiritual frustration, his feeling of being a door mat, and not being appreciated, all he could think about at this moment was, “I’ll show this know it all Nabal. I’ll show him what’s up!” In this unguarded moment David assembles 400 of His fiercest warriors and says, “Every man get your sword!” And they went out to kill Nabal and his entire family.


With his promised goals and kingship eluding him, David lost his mind.


But my question is, “How many of us have done that?’ Amidst endless loads of thankless laundry, unsympathetic bosses, when you don’t feel appreciated at your job or at your home or at your church, and then somebody says something you don’t like and you get to a point where you just want to scream, “I can’t take it anymore and now I’m just going to take it out on you!!” You’ve reached your breaking point! You’re having an unguarded moment. You never know when it’s going to happen. Human emotion is unpredictable, and Christians definitely aren’t exempt from those times when life’s trials and pressure just bring out our deepest and most uncontrollable emotions yet all it takes is one moment for you to lose your reputation, your testimony, friendships, your job, or even your ministry.


Jesus Himself said, “You have heard that it was said to the people long ago, ‘You shall not murder,[a] and anyone who murders will be subject to judgment.’  But I tell you that anyone who is angry with a brother or sister[b][c] will be subject to judgment.” Matthew 5:21-22


In conclusion, as David was on his way to kill Nabal, God sent a woman named Abigail who, with great discernment was able to bring David to his senses and see the stupidity of what he was about to do. God will always send those people, those discerning voices in your time of need. For me, as I was experiencing an unguarded moment, it was my wife who came to my rescue, encouraging me, honoring me, and it brought me to my senses.


My prayer for you is that you won’t allow those unguarded moments to turn you into something you are not. I pray that you will think before you lash out and that you always respond in love and kindness.CHRISTIANS ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE MEAN, ANGRY, BITTER PEOPLE!!! Your tongue can either make or break your dreams. I pray you allow your tongue to be reflection of who is inside of you.


Be Blessed,





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Along with his wife Ronda, Pastor Friedel founded Shore Christian Center Church, which has a substantial presence in the Shore area. While leading the Church in growth his God given vision is unfolding rapidly.
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