Nothing is gonna Stop me from Praising

I came across this story yesterday that I wanted to share with you all of you.  There was this great Preacher who had just finished a building project and was getting ready for the dedication Sunday. He had this one member in his church, Joe, who was known for just erupting in praise and rejoicing at anymoment during a service. This preacher knew that for this special dedication Sunday he was going to have a whole lot of ‘first time visitors’ who weren’t used to those kind of eruptions, so he made a deal with Joe the shouting member. He said, “Joe I’ll buy you a new pair of boots if you won’t shout this whole Sunday morning,” and Joe agreed. Shockingly, Joe made it through the hymns fine. He made it through the prayers ok. Then the Pastor got to the preaching and about halfway through he quoted Joe’s favorite verse. Joe began to squirm in his seat. Suddenly at that moment Joe jumped out of his chair and screamed, “Boots or no boots, I got to praise the Lord!!!”* Sometimes you got to just say during those tough willow days, “Boots or no Boots, I got to praise the Lord!”

Psalms 34:1 *”I will Bless the Lord at all times and His praise shall
continually be in my mouth!”*

I pray that you all have the best week ever, but even if it’s not the best
week ever, God will use whatever bad that happens for your ultimate good, so
just praise God through it all!!

Lets bring all that rejoicing back next week for Resurrection Sunday. Bring
your friends, bring your family, bring your mean neighbor, and lets made
this resurrection Sunday one for the ages. Oh, I almost forgot, Bring your
praise and let us celebrate the King of Kings this Sunday.

Much Love,

Pastor Isaac


About shorechristiancenter

Along with his wife Ronda, Pastor Friedel founded Shore Christian Center Church, which has a substantial presence in the Shore area. While leading the Church in growth his God given vision is unfolding rapidly.
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