So Close and yet so….

Have you ever come so close to something that you could almost touch it, but you were just never able to grab it?  Maybe you almost chased that dream of being a college graduate, you almost started that business, you almost asked that girl out on a date or you almost gave your life completely over to Jesus? Don’t be one of the millions and millions of people who are plagued with this “Almost” spirit. Understand, being an “Almost” person will never ever allow you to experience the gift of life the way God intended. Someone once said, “Almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades,” and that is so true!

In fact, the Book of Act’s Chapter 26 tells of when the great apostle Paul was standing in chains before one of the most powerful men in Rome, powerful King Agrippa. Paul was being charged with heresy, because he preached about Jesus Christ. As he was standing there in front of many armed soldiers and powerful men, he was given the opportunity to speak. Paul instantly began to preach and speak about salvation and witness about his experience with Jesus. As he spoke, King Agrippa began to feel the Holy Spirit pressing into him. He felt the truth which Paul was preaching, and the conviction.  But listen to what King Agrippa said in Acts 26:28 “You Almost persuaded me to become a Christian!” King Agrippa was basically saying to Paul, “Come at a more convenient time.”

How many people have told Jesus that same thing, “Not now Jesus, I’m having too much fun, I want to do my own thing, I want to live my life the way I want to, but later, I’ll just do it later.” See, King Agrippa fully intended to someday give his heart to the Lord, but his someday never came. Don’t ever let the theme song of your life be, “I almost became born again, I almost bowed my knee, Oh if I could just have one more chance,” but that convenient season never came.

The Bible says, “Today is the day of Salvation.” I also believe that if God has given you a dream, today is the day to pursue that dream, today in the day you break the spirit of fear over your life, today is the day you stop worrying what others think of you, and if you don’t stop, I believe that one day you will receive the inheritance that God has prepared for you.

Pastor Isaac Friedel


About shorechristiancenter

Along with his wife Ronda, Pastor Friedel founded Shore Christian Center Church, which has a substantial presence in the Shore area. While leading the Church in growth his God given vision is unfolding rapidly.
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4 Responses to So Close and yet so….

  1. Gary says:

    There have been so many “almosts” in my life but this is one area that is not 🙂

    • Ray Slocum says:

      Gary , when you know the holy spirit is in it , go for it , and the almost will get lost to the real thing in your life!


  2. Ray Slocum says:

    Great subject. I have had many almosts throughout my life, and now at the latter years in my maturing over the years , have found , the best way to avoid “almosts”, is to just do the positive , quickly, when one is confident in his doings in life! Don’t hesitate or procrastinate , when God inspires through his spirit in your heart down inside! Go for it , that is the positive to motivate!


  3. Tim says:

    This is an awesome topic. To be honest with you many times I would get so close to finishing something or almost obtain something and than the rug would be pulled out right from under me. I recall this happening all through my child hood and I remember my mom saying it never fails. As I grew up it seemed like my life was a bunch of almosts, or could have or would have or should have been. It took a while even as believer to finally realize I had to put a stop to “the it never fails attitude” and believe what the word says and the is GOD NEVER fails. First thing I had to stop doing was blame GOD when things did not work out. I even gave the devil more credit than he deserves. Most of the time I gave up or I pulled the rug out because of fear or the unwillingness to fully trust in him. Many blessings have come to me since I changed the attitude from “it never fails” to GOD never fails. There are more victories in my daily life now, than almosts.

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